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Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP offers a team of experienced attorneys dedicated to providing companies with the comprehensive advice and support they need at every stage of the business lifecycle.  Each Houston business attorney at our firm is committed to working with clients of all sizes and shapes, from individual business owners and entrepreneurs, to small and medium-sized businesses, to Fortune 500 companies.  While our client base spans across all industries, our Houston, Texas location has allowed us to develop a particular focus on meeting the needs of energy-related businesses.

Our attorneys provide a wide range of services to our clients including:

  • Contract Law.  Breach of contract disputes are not only frustrating, they can be very expensive and disruptive for businesses. Our attorneys leverage decades of collective experience to help clients develop individualized strategies that resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Business Transactions.  Our business lawyers in Houston, TX work with clients to structure, draft and negotiate transactions that address potential risks and challenges while advancing our clients’ business objectives.  When conflicts surface, we are fully prepared to resolve these matters at all levels- from negotiation, to mediation, to trial and appeal.
  • Business Formation.  The Houston business formation lawyers at our firm work with a wide range of clients, from individual entrepreneurs and start-up companies to joint ventures between large, well-established corporations, to address the wide range of issues associated with starting a business.  We can help you to take the right steps today to make sure you are protected from legal liabilities and risks that your business may encounter in the future.
  • Corporate Law.  Our corporate lawyers counsel and advise clients on a full range of corporate law matters, from drafting day-to-day business contracts and agreements to structuring and implementing mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Corporate Counseling.  Each Houston commercial lawyer at our firm is highly skilled in working with business clients to resolve both routine issues and more complex corporate law challenges.  We partner with our clients to find creative solutions that minimize legal risks and liabilities while driving their businesses forward.
  • Business Reorganization.  Navigating a business reorganization can be a very complicated and challenging process.  Our Houston business attorneys partner with clients to develop customized reorganization plans that best serve their specific needs and objectives.
  • Intellectual Property.  We are dedicated to protecting and enforcing our business clients’ intellectual property rights.  Our team has the experience and understanding needed to litigate the most complex intellectual property cases in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels.
  • Commercial Litigation.  Litigating commercial matters can involve a range of complex laws and issues.  Our team works diligently and effectively to craft a persuasive argument on your behalf while also maintaining flexibility should circumstances change or new opportunities arise. 

Regardless of what the matter may involve, when you work with a Houston business attorney at our firm, you will have a dedicated legal professional on your side who will concentrate on finding business solutions to your most immediate problems.  While we attempt to resolve disputes at the earliest possible stage, we are ready and willing to try the case in court.

Houston Business Lawyers Recognize the Interrelated Nature of Transactional and Litigation Work 

At Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, our attorneys handle a range of business transactions and commercial disputes.  Given our extensive experience handling end-to-end legal advocacy in the commercial context, we are well-equipped to understand and take advantage of the interrelated nature of transactional and litigation issues (for the benefit of the client). 

For example, employment agreements drafted by a team of Houston business lawyers who have litigated employment disputes will more accurately reflect the possibility of litigation and the problems therein.  Such agreements tend to be more considerate of the risks.  You will be better able to avoid a dispute if you work with attorneys who understand the contours of litigation and how disputes typically arise in the context of Texas business. 

Transactional and litigation work is fundamentally connected.  Whether your agreement has failed due to having been poorly constructed, you are deemed noncompliant with certain rules/regulation or you must enforce a right that has been violated by a third-party outside of a contractual agreement (i.e., in an intellectual property infringement scenario), litigation is likely to proceed.  Transactional legal work that is forward-thinking and proactive will minimize your liabilities, make it easier for you to settle a dispute and potentially limit the expense and effort required later on in the process (should litigation be necessary). 

Compliant Dissolution Demands the Assistance of Qualified Business Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Oftentimes, when businesses are attempting to close out or otherwise terminate their operations, they may not realize the value of consulting with a qualified business attorney who can provide them with competent legal representation through the dissolution phase.  In Texas, as in other states, business dissolution is a highly-regulated process that demands close compliance with the administrative requirements.  Failure to adequately comply with regulation surrounding the proper dissolution of a business — whether the business is structured in the form of corporation, partnership, LLC, LLP, etc. — may expose the involved parties to potential civil liability.  There may also be negative tax consequences. 

When dissolving a business in Texas, you’ll have to file for a Certificate of Account Status for Dissolution with Texas, which will thereafter be issued by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (certifying that you have paid all your taxes).  You will also have to notify and settle all your claims with creditors — for example, if your business owes money to a lender, you’ll have to pay off that debt before you can file your Certificate of Dissolution with the Texas Secretary of State. 

It’s worth noting that the structure of the business will affect the administrative filings that are necessary in order to properly dissolve the entity.  If you have a corporation, for example, you will have to file a signed Articles of Dissolution with the Texas Secretary of State and with the Comptroller of Public Accounts. 

All internal affairs must be handled before the business is wound down.  The duties owed to various parties — owners, shareholders, partners and others — can vary significantly from business to business.  Generally, the duties will be established in the original business formation documents.  Make sure to speak with an experienced Houston business attorney here at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP for further assistance in moving through this process. 

Tax and Creditor Considerations 

Effective legal representation of a business — whatever the form of the business — must take into account the tax and debt consequences of any commercial transaction.  Competent, comprehensive representation is extremely valuable in the commercial context, as it can help you avoid potential civil liability for failing to pay off creditors. 

When structuring a transaction, your attorney should not only be doing the “bare minimum” to ensure that your transaction is compliant with applicable regulations and meets your strategic needs.  Successful business attorneys in Houston, Texas (and elsewhere) consider the tax and debt ramifications of a transaction too.  For instance, if it’s possible to restructure the transaction in such a way as to avoid certain tax liabilities, then your attorney must consider that possibility and do their due diligence to ensure that it is fully evaluated.  If the restructured transaction would give you a better overall result, it must be implemented. 

Here at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, we take a holistic, proactive approach to providing legal services to businesses.  We believe that it’s the responsibility of a qualified business attorney to identify multiple alternatives and give fair consideration to all available options that suit the needs of the client.  Our attorneys are not satisfied with merely providing a service — we are committed to working with our business clients and strive to attain the most favorable outcome possible. 

Strategic Business Objectives Must Be Properly Accounted For 

Whether you are consulting an attorney for transactional assistance or for guidance during a commercial dispute where litigation seems likely, it’s important that you make your strategic objectives known to your legal team.  This is a two-way street, of course.  In the commercial context, the best legal representation considers the ramifications of any given transaction and litigation on the business overall.  Effective business attorneys understand that by keeping the lines of communication and the attorney-client relationship transparent, they can better serve the interests of their clients. 

For example, suppose you are involved in a trademark infringement lawsuit with a defendant.  Something quite similar to your product logo was used by a competitor.  As a young business, however, you’d rather like to avoid the potentially negative media spotlight and brand perception that is associated with a litigious business.  If this is properly communicated to your attorney, he or she can move forward with litigation knowing your preferences and will more aggressively attempt to secure a favorable settlement early on to avoid the negativities that you noted. 

Contact a Houston Business Attorney to Discuss Your Company’s Needs

At Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP we pride ourselves on delivering a full range of services to businesses using fee structures that are unique in the legal marketplace.  We fully evaluate each legal matter and work one-on-one with our clients at the outset of a case to develop a structure tailored to their individual needs and objectives.  Our flexible approach means that we can meet our clients’ budgets while eliminating the uncertainty so often associated with legal services.  To schedule a consultation with an experienced Houston business attorney, call us today at (713) 526-0200 or contact us online.

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