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Assisting Clients With Complex Business and Commercial Matters 

Effective legal advocacy in business transactional matters demands the counsel of an experienced Houston corporate lawyer who has a wide range of experiences with organizations and is well-equipped to perform a spectrum of duties that include drafting and negotiating sale of goods and service contracts to structuring mergers and acquisitions.

The attorneys at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP have counseled an array of clients in both corporate transactional matters and in commercial disputes giving rise to litigation.  As a result, we are capable of anticipating various liability risks before they arise, sidestepping the risk of litigation through intelligent negotiating, counseling, and drafting.  The provision of comprehensive, end-to-end corporate transactional services requires proper integration with clients, however.  Our Houston-area lawyers are closely integrated with strategic partners so as to enable them to provide comprehensive advisory services.

Offering a Range of Corporate Transactional Services

The lawyers at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP provide a range of corporate transactional services that include, but are not necessarily limited, to:

  • Negotiating agreements
  • Reviewing agreements
  • Drafting and executing agreements
  • Corporate counseling services
  • Entity formation services
  • Debt restructuring services
  • Implementing mergers and acquisitions
  • Assessing and implementing divestitures

Corporate lawyers are — to a degree — intimately involved in drafting, negotiation, and execution of commercial agreements.  The difference between a skilled corporate lawyer and a poor one can be substantial, however, and mistakes during the transactional process can expose the client to potential litigation risks.  A properly drafted contract ensures that its terms and provisions are unambiguous, and that strategic partners are well apprised of their rights and responsibilities under the contract, as well as the consequences of entering into the contract at-issue.

Anticipating the potential for litigation is critical to effective corporate counsel, but the avoidance of liability must be properly contextualized.  In partnering closely with our clients, we can identify each client’s various business objectives and are equipped to provide effective counsel as to liability risks that keep such objectives in consideration.  Our Houston corporate attorneys understand that for some clients, a minor risk of liability may be an acceptable cost of doing business in a competitive industry.  As such, we provide legal advocacy that is tailored to the risk appetite of each of our clients.

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Here at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, our corporate attorneys have decades of relevant experience managing a broad range of corporate transactional matters for clients that include small businesses, individuals, and Fortune 500 companies. We have comprehensive experience as end-to-end counsel on transactional matters (negotiation, drafting, and closing) and in handling commercial disputes as they arise.

We understand that clients have different service needs and budget constraints, and to that end, we offer innovative fee arrangement options that are tailored to each client’s unique objectives and needs.  By partnering with clients to develop a sensible fee arrangement, the financial uncertainty of extensive litigation is minimized.

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